I’m a software engineer focused on Javascript.

My code powers projects as diverse as a GPS-tracked fresh produce distribution network, a livechat-based freelancer market that lives inside popular services like Squarespace and Wordpress, a globe-spanning app for community composting, and internal tools for lead prospecting and data gathering.

I’m also an avid reader and relentless optimist. In the past I worked as an entrepreneur in Latin America.

I am available for software development.

I focus on clients and teams who want to take something from zero to customer-ready as fast as possible. I have an entrepreneur’s mindset that tasks should be accomplished with as little fancy technology as possible, written with as much flexibility as possible, and that the product needs to be good-enough to get in front of the user so we can start learning, rather than at an engineer’s idea of “perfect”.

  • Proficient: Javascript (ES5/6), Node, React, GraphQL (Apollo), Serverless/AWS Lambda, Browser Extensions, AWS IoT, Express, Mongo/Mongoose, Git, Github, CSS3, HTML5, Unity, CircleCI, Mocha/Jasmine/Chai, PostgreSQL
  • Familiar: C#, Python, AframeVR, Vue, Bash

A VC once described my core soft skill as: “The ability to perceive exactly what needs to be done. And then to do it.” My experience working in difficult environments around the world means that I can be trusted to get things done, even when things go wrong. My by-the-bootstraps education is the subject of a chapter on grit and resilience in the bestselling book “Mindshift” by Barbara Oakley.

I’m at my best in a tight-knit team with a hard problem to solve. I entered the world of tech because I want to build things that matter, and nothing offers more leverage to improve the world than technology.

Latest Writing

Technical: Better, Faster Speech Recognition with Wav2Letter’s Auto Segmentation Criterion

Non-technical: Everything You Need To Know About Body Language

In the past I have:

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