I’m a software engineer focused on Javascript. In my free time, I do Deep Learning in Python.

I am available for software development.

Why work with me?

My code powers projects as diverse as a GPS-tracked fresh produce distribution network, a livechat-based freelancer market that lives inside popular services like Squarespace and Wordpress, a globe-spanning app for community composting, a low-code/no-code back-end-as-a-service, and internal tools for lead prospecting and data gathering.

I often work with early-stage teams, helping turn a vision into concrete reality. I pride myself on having an entrepreneur’s mindset with a developer’s skillset.

Specifically I believe:

  • Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. And the ultimate simplicity is saying “No” to unnecessary complexity that doesn’t serve the user.

  • A product needs to be good-enough to get in front of the user so we can start learning, rather than at an engineer’s idea of “perfect”, especially for early-stage projects.

  • Proficient: Javascript (ES5/6), Node, React, GraphQL (Apollo), Serverless/AWS Lambda, Browser Extensions, AWS IoT, Express, Mongo/Mongoose, Git, Github, CSS3, HTML5, Unity, CircleCI, Mocha/Jasmine/Chai, PostgreSQL, Python

  • Familiar: C#, AframeVR, Vue, Bash

A VC once described my core soft skill as: “The ability to perceive exactly what needs to be done. And then to do it.” My experience working in difficult environments around the world means that I can be trusted to get things done, even when things go wrong.

My by-the-bootstraps education is the subject of a chapter on grit and resilience in the bestselling book “Mindshift” by Barbara Oakley.

I’m also an avid reader/writer and relentless optimist. In the past I worked as an entrepreneur in Latin America.

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