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Technical: State of the Art Audio Data Augmentation with Google Brain’s SpecAugment and Pytorch

Non-technical: Everything You Need To Know About Body Language

Deep Learning

Mini launch post about my Pytorch implementation of Google Brain’s SpecAugment data augmentation technique

A deep dive into Facebook AI’s ASG Criterion, a new loss function used in speech recognition systems

Python/NodeJS boilerplate for launching Python-based models for inference in production

General Technology / Programming

Game Dev / Game Programming

Bootcamp Mastery

A short series about getting the most value out of your coding bootcamp


Virgin.com’s Disruptor Series Feature on the MPC

While the ‘Socratic approach’ to learning wipes way the so-called oppression of the traditional classroom, it has a set of serious problems all its own.

Speech about grit and creative achievement at opening of MPC, 2015.

Environments of real learning should feel somewhat chaotic, because turbulence strengthens social bonds, challenges existing ideas, and forces people to grow and adapt.

How to Reinvent Education After Computers Replace Lectures

Commitment contracts should be central to how we educate, because habits are what count in the long run.

Book review of Daily Rituals by Mason Currey

Practical strategies for living a life focused on learning.

Why everyone who gets a rejection letter from their dream school should chill out and get to work.

Social Technology / Startup Cities

Virgin.com feature/interview on Startup Cities. This was shared by Richard Branson and launched about two years of speaking gigs!

Thinking of social systems as technology can de-politicize our conversation about important social issues. Reframing around technology also focuses us on finding concrete solutions, rather than fighting ideologically.

Feature in The Atlantic’s CityLab about work on Startup Cities.

The New Zealand Initiative used some of my work as a frame for their research on special economic zones

How an entrepreneurial approach to community development can build a brighter future for politics.

In moments of political reform we can find an important but under-appreciated idea I call “the Problem of Possibility.” This problem is that complex evolutionary systems like economies face astronomically large design spaces that they must search for adaptive fit. This challenge of ignorance and complexity is usually ignored when people talk about political economy. Rapid adaptation of a social system requires competition for scientific, not ideological or moral reasons.

Book Chapters

Chapter in Basic Income and the Free Market

Co-authored book chapter on the possibilities of using land-trusts and for-profit community development models to provide basic income guarantees for the poor.

Chapter in Hayek and Behavioral Economics

Co-authored book chapter on the history of behavioral economics


It was very sad to lose friend and mentor Giancarlo Ibárgüen in 2016, an irrepressible entrepreneur and leader in Latin America.


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