I’ve spoken for audiences in Asia, South America, Central America, North America, Africa, and Europe.

Tech Talk: React is Eating the World!


A whirlwind tour of the quirky and ever-growing world of React libraries.



Presentation of QuickDrawJS Wild West typing tutor for programmers, winner of a 40-project hackathon.

Ground ControlVR Overview


My section begins at 3:45

Overview of the technologies used in an interstellar WebVR simulator about clear communication.

Why We Should Treat Governance as a Technology

Voice & Exit | Austin, Texas

(A sibilance error in this video makes it sound like I have a lisp. I don’t – it’s just an error in the audio!)

Startup Cities as a Civic Technology

Draper University Civic Tech Symposium – San Francisco, California

“Big Can’t Innovate” Debate

St. Gallen, Switzerland

Debating whether size matters for innovation at Accenture-led event for St. Gallen Symposium, 2015

FR-EE City w/Fatimah Azzahra

Guatemala City

Interview with Fatimah Azzahra of Fernando Romero Enterprise about the design called FR-EE City. It’s a comprehensive urban design with the main goal of bettering people’s lives through architectural services, urban planning, development, project construction, and social infrastructures.

Disruptive Technologies In Law And Governance w/Christian Sandström

Interview with researcher Christian Sandström about the theory of disruptive technologies and how it might be applied to law and governance.

Startup Cities as a Reform Technology

Guatemala City

Squatter Cities and the Informal Economy w/Robert Neuwirth

Guatemala City

Interview with Robert Neuwirth, TED speaker and author of Squatter Cities and Stealth of Nations, on the global informal economy.

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